New Earning App Rewards you for using popular apps you’ve already downloaded



is an app that credits you Cash when you exit Popular apps that your already using. Currently these are (Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Line, Snapchat, Instagram, and Whatsapp. Simply use the app and when you exit you might just get a popup from Cashpop giving you Cash (Starts at a max of 5 and you level up which will max at 23 coins) They also have a section called Cash Stations where you can download apps and videos and do offers. You can cashout or redeem giftcards (1000 Cash = $1 for giftcards if you get $50 card). Cashpop is currently in beta and looking to add more earning options and new app sponsors. Using my Ref Code will start you off with 500 Cash and give me 100 Cash + 10% of what you make.

Just signed up today and looks like they went live 10 days ago. I can’t find a payment proof at the moment online but I can message the dev to see if they can show me something. I’m about 10k points away from redeeming a $10 giftcard.

Ok one more update from the support team hopefully this clears everything up enough.


If you are wondering about the apps’s legitimacy, the app is 100% legit, and you don’t have to worry about us being a fraud or a scam. We send all gift cards electronically, so we don’t have anything on paper we can show. I can grab something off the web of our transactions maybe if you really need proof.

The Korean version was pulled from Google Play, and is now being served as HoneyPop, but the International version is still good and you don’t have to worry about about. I hope that helps.”

Removing previous comment due it being irrelevant but if you want payment proof they will provide something to you.

he Minimum payout is 2500Point= $5.Generating Point is easy and fast.

Here my code: c90f52

You will get 250 point.Thank you in advance 🙂

It has Paypal Cashout,Steam Gift Card (This two are World Wide)

For the US- There is Amazon,Google Play Gift Card,iTunes Gift Card,Paypal,Startbucks Gift Card and Steam Gift Card.

Same goes to UK,Europe,Canada and Australia.