Common Sense and Direction in Writing

Writing does require common sense, initiative, direction and discretion. Of course, one does not require pens or paper. We have crossed that watershed period thanks to the internet.
Common sense when you are writing, does not refer to knowledge of the laws of physics or understanding chemical interactions. It refers to, yes, common things such as the fact that the cat has a tail, onions are red and purple amd grow underground (Did I tell you how Timplytom pulled out the shoots and found to his rather big surprise, the onions from his mom’s vegetable basket?) and that junior always finishes the water before you can grab the bottle.
Seems like a pretty lot of things to remember! And we have only discussed the first item on our list! Going onto the laws of physics, you get initiative when you go against someone or something because there is an equal and opposite force acting — since when I do not know exactly — but do not go against your parents, the landlord or your boss. Those who went against their wives have nothing — nothing — to go against now. They blame it on common sense. So, if you wish to be as ‘free as the wind’, become a scientist.
So that leaves us the enigmatic couple — direction and discretion when writing. Discretion usually depends on the direction you are traveling in. If you are headed for the office, you are thinking about official matters. When you are headed for the playground, you do not have any worries.
Planning your article writing in this manner, you are able to arrive at a cohesive agglomeration of ideas that has a direction. You will notice that the ‘sound’ of the article is more when you are writing something that is not popular.