Native Pumpkin Soup With Coconut Milk

It is one of my favorite thing to do in my house is to cook food for my children and family because I like to serve great dishes for them to enjoy it in every meal.I enrolled in a cooking class also before and learned so many things like from table setting and cook delightful meals either Asian, Western and even the native ones.In here today I will share some of a very simple recipe that you will surely love once you tried it.


2 cups of squash or pumpkin cut into big cubes

1 cup of fresh coconut milk

pinch of salt

1 cup of water

half sliced of ginger

1 cup of moringa leaves

1/2 cup  of fried fish flakes

1  whole cut onion


You will first wash the squash then add the cup of water into the pan and boil the veg for 30 minute until it is soft.After that,add the fish flakes and the salt and the ginger and onion and then the coconut milk.Lastly,add the moringa leaves and simmer for 5 minutes and serve with steamed rice. Serve 5-6

I always make this kind of a dish in my house because the children likes the creamy taste of the coconut plus the squash and it is very healthy because it has greens there which is the moringa and the fish of course that is good for the heart.Very simple and this is also good for winters.

This kind of a dish is very common in my country and  you can see this to some restaurants and that are cheap.This is also superb for pork chops fried or meatballs too.

I usually have this for lunch because  it is the best part of the day for me to enjoy with my family.