Horror Movies Are Exciting To Watch

When I am in front of my computer I right away go straight to You tube to look for movies apart from music and or wellness and others.And one of the things that I am fanatic about are horror movies.Horror movies are exciting to watch because for me it is not boring and I like and enjoy the suspense and screams in there.I don’t easily feel scared because for me since I like it so it is just like a normal show or a movie for me to consider.I know also,that it is so hard for others to watch this kind of a show because they can’t handle the faces and the noise too and sure it is scary to some people.What is the good thing also there is it is very entertaining and you feel intense and possibly can jump up from your couch if you will not lower the volume of your remote control.

I believe that I maybe a strong person and brave because even if there are screaming that will happen I just stay calm and don’t scream at all.And also a passionate one.Why I say passionate,because that is what they say.There are some horror movies that are non sense and not interesting.And I will only watch that for half an hour ¬†and there are also great ones that I can give a thumbs up for that and leave comments to the one who shares that to me.

I recently like the Knock knock that is played by Keanu Reeves but only a few shots in a trailer and that movie tells and gives example to men or women also to never trust anybody and that is not only because it is a suspense horror movie.It was great and can’t wait to see it soonest.