My newest Bookmark

Finally was able to get a picture of the finished bookmark.

As I think I mentioned in another post, I have been doing counted cross stitch since I was about nine.

I am currently trying to start stores selling my bookmarks on Etsy and Scott’s Marketplace.  I’m curious to see which site will do better.

This bookmark is an example of one that I change (as many cross stitchers/needle workers may do) to fit my own likes/needs.

When I cut the fabric for this bookmark, I cut it a little larger than was needed for the bookmark (which to me is better than cutting it too small) so I altered a small part of the pattern a bit.

Near the bottom of the pattern (which is of a worm reading a book) are the words, “I’m a bookworm”.  In order to try to not waste too much fabric (like I said, I cut it too long, so I’ll have to cut off  a bit of excess at the top) I am spacing out the words a bit more than they are in the actual pattern in order to take up a bit of space.

While certain mistakes in the stitching can be ripped out, (as I had to do a few times on this bookmark) I’ve found, as I may have mentioned in my other cross stitching themed post) that  sometimes mistakes can be worked directly into the pattern.   In this case it was more the fabric that caused me to have to “work things out”, (though I did make other mistakes that really weren’t that consequential) but I find it neat to see what I can do with a pattern when I make a mistake or something that will still make the finished product look “okay”. 😉  Often times what I do, I think, wouldn’t even be noticed as a “mistake” by someone viewing the finished product.