My iPad And A Bucket Of Popcorn

It is a dreary afternoon right now as I write on an iPad mini.  It is no easy task.  First, my fingers are too small for the digital keyboard.  Second, the white chocolate popcorn is making my fingers sticky.  You know what that mean right?  Nope, I will not lick off the sweet, yummy goodness stuck all over the iPad.  I have to clean it sooner or later. Probably later.

It has been a while since I felt just doing nothing.  It is a Sunday afternoon here and I just want to do nothing.  Well, at least nothing else asides from munching popcorn, reading some posts and writing my own.  Yup, it is a lazy afternoon for me.  I suppose I can just hang out and relax.  My wife and daughter are just playing on the floor in front of me so I am ready if they ask anything.  But until then, it is me, an iPad and popcorn. Weird combination but it’s fun.

whe was the last time you just did nothing?  The rush of things just stops even for just a few minutes.  It is a break everyone of us deserves.  The problems, the concerns, the troubles are there.  But right now, it is just me time…and yes, the iPad and the popcorn.

We owe ourselves some relaxing time.  Whether it is a spa day filled with pampering or just a few minutes staring into nothing.  A break a lows us to recharge and regain our composure and focus.  The problems and concerns are there.  But your “me” time gets to be the priority.  Do not burn yourself with too much trouble.  With a little relaxation, you can recharge.

these little getaway me meets are valuable time for me.  It keeps me sane amidst all the chaos.  I am in the zone right now.  Just calm with sticky hands.