Insecure About Your Penis? How to get over your insecurity…

It’s only hum372588-condom-size-app-logoan to feel dissatisfied with some body part, with men, in par­ticular, often focusing on their penis size. According to an analysis of Google searches by Americans, reported in theNew York Times, “men make more searches asking how to make their penises bigger than how to tune a guitar, make an omelet, or change a tire.”

Marketers have always played on such anxieties, and in recent years there’s been an Internet boom in penis enlargement prod­ucts—supplements, pumps, weights, and other schemes that promise a larger penis, as well as harder erections and more powerful orgasms. Needless to say, these are scams.

There’s no evidence that any herb or supplement can make a penis grow, but some can have adverse effects. No pumnatural-penis-enlargingp can per­manently lengthen it much, and using a pump can cause injuries. Doing special exercises or tying weights to the penis (ouch) won’t make it bigger. The only way to add length and girth to the penis is surgery—and that can result in impotence, infection, and other problems.

Penis size is not something the vast majority of men need to worry about, actu­ally. The average penis measures 3½ inches long,  5 to 7 inches when erect. Mythology and pornography to the contrary, penis size is only one factor in sexual pleasure.