To Forgive Or Not To Forgive?

many say that we have to forgive and forget.  But is it really that easy to just tell someone he or she is forgiven.  Moreover, is it really that easy to just forget the world hints som one has done?  The quick answer is no.  And forgiving someone especially with a grave offense against us is difficult.  But the question really is are you willing to forgive?

Of course that is a loaded question.  Many will first ask what the offense was.  And that may be logical.  It is easy to forgive someone who just took your lunch from the office refrigerator compared to someone killing your spouse or your child.  The truth is we easily forgive people depending on how grave the offense is on us.  But should forgiveness be like that?  I am pretty sure you would not forget the face of the person your spouse is having an affair with especially if you caught them in your bed.

I suppose humans are hot wired to categorize offenses against us forgivable and beyond forgiveness.  However, I believe those who have reached inner peace may see beyond the human limitations and anger and may forgive even gross injustice done to them.  I know someone who forgave a man after trying to shoot him.  I know a woman who forgave his husband after cheating on him and discovering he had a child with another woman.

I have yet to understand what drives people to forgive unconditionally.  It sounds illogical and silly.  But I gain the heart and the inner peace that will allow me to forgive unconditionally.

if there is one offense against you that you will never forgive what would it be?  More importantly, what would it take for you to forgive him or her?