There exit from addiction to social networks

The most important thing is not only to social networks – stop compare. The only person we need to compare is our former selves. No colleagues are friends, not neighbors or people passing by know what we have decided to share with us. The constant comparisons make us unhappy, we’re not someone else, instead of being happy that we are just ourselves.

It starts with awareness – excessive standing in social media distorts our perspective to life, locked him in cyberspace and harm our relations.

Going through withdrawal – digital diet, controlling me at certain times and for certain period off notifications with sound and banner on the phone screen.

And once you begin to spend less time or even stop your account, it’s time to turn to real life. Meeting friends, new projects, plans work. Time with family, more time for books, movies, music and sleep. To eat without shooting to climb. Travelling without registering online. Doing more sex, to walk more, exercise and fight with your dog.

For those who can not escape:

We can transform any Facebook “friendship” in real, at least in a live meeting for coffee. The groups in which we participate, to become a true community of people with real contacts. To be more casual and not so much to reflect. Talking with our words, not quotes. Do not handle so your photos. Do not take out everything on display and manage your settings so that each publication can reach right down to the people who are important to us. Not necessarily jump with a witty reply to impose our ego and be intolerable because it’s “cool”. Sometimes it’s quiet and the other is right.

Sometimes it’s better not to be so perfect. We see we have believed.