Most beautiful countries for travelers

Most beautiful countries for travelers

Most beautiful countries for travelers

India – the second most populous country in the world has to offer even for those who saw so much already – from the sandy beaches of Goa to the ancient Buddhist temples of Ajanta, from the busy streets of Mumbai to North Kashmir, which due to the slower pace and excellent conditions for skiing is often called the Switzerland of India.

France – a country which gave us a cabaret, champagne and hundreds varieties of cheese, is one of the most romantic places in the world. The most recommended to visit France is the spring, you can visit the Morzine and stroll among the most beautiful places in the world. And for a two-hour drive from Morzine is a Lake Annecy, which is also worth a visit and admire the scenery. And of course, don’t forget Paris.

America – shiny American metropolis, family theme parks and wonderful nature. New York’s Catskill Mountains, Georgia Golden Islands, and the investment banker’s dream project – Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana and many other interesting places to visit.

Spain –  Spain has become the undisputed global advanced kitchens epicenter. You can plan special holidays in this country, specifically designed for luxury restaurants and the most famous tapas bistros.  The long sandy coast of Spain and cozy Mediterranean coves are famous throughout Europe. The fact that there is more than 300 days a year is sunny, is also a huge advantage.

Greece – Athens is one of the cities that everyone must visit. Although the country is still in economic crisis, in the capital is notable cultural renaissance – there was opened a number of new museums, luxury hotels and other places of interest. In addition, travelers are always attracted by the bright blue waters of the Mykonos island and a salt-enriched air.

Australia – Melbourne was announced as the city most live able in the world. This alone makes it worth to visit this city, not forgetting other places of Australia . Such as Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula impresses with its vineyards, beaches and unique cuisine. For three and a half hours away from the peninsula is the most beautiful Australian natural wonder – the coastal cliffs called the Twelve Apostles.

New Zealand – this country attracts most adventurers. Here it is possible to live in a hut without electricity in magnificent Great Barrier Reef island, plunge into treating Maru source waters, walk along the volcanic territory in Tongariro National Park, fishing in Queenstown, where, it is said also are produced the tastiest burgers in the world.

Thailand – it attracts travelers by its pulsating culture, exotic cuisine and utopian resorts. Taste traditional cuisine in Bangkok, travel around Phuket, a ride prabangiuoju Eastern & Oriental Express train. Recently, in the country significantly has grown a holistic health and beauty centers that offer the detoxification, yoga and Ayurvedic treatments.

Turkey – Turkey is worth to visit if you want to see the wonderful mosques, magnificent fortresses and natural wonders, such as Pamukkale and a lot of white travertine terraces with mineral-enriched water. Also be sure to visit the romantic Istanbul’s Beyoglu district.