Food that reduces stress and anxiety

Food that reduces stress and anxiety

Modern life has become unthinkable without stress and it’s good to eat food that reduces stress and anxiety. Someone may say that a little bit of stress is good, it keeps moving us forward. But in fact stress is beginning of a variety of human diseases – first of all, cancer and heart disease – and it prevents enjoy every day. The gaze always focused on tomorrow, next week or next month. After all, there is no time now to take and to stop, look around, to breathe, to take a walk in the park and read a favorite book. Whole, rather than just a five pages…

The human body is an amazing masterpiece, which should also perfectly cope with stress. The only stress we are experiencing now is somehow different than that for which our body has adapted already. The stress, dedicated for the survival, when our ancestors stood face to face with predators, is very different from what we are experiencing today, when confront with a trailer boss or annoying drivers. Our body loses balance, deregulates because it has never been applied to deal with the modern world anxiety sources.

Peace and power can be restored by proper diet, meditating, exercising, and most importantly, enough sleep. Also certain foods will help the body to lift the stress and restore balance. Coconut oil is the best source of energy for the heart and brain. It can replace vegetable oil, butter or margarine. It perfectly replaces expensive moisturizing creams. Coconut oil has long earned the reputation as the most important product for the healthy diet and lifestyle.

Green vegetables are the best sugar for the brain. Spinach, green beans, broccoli helps to produce dopamine, the chemical elements causing our pleasure, thanks to which we become calmer. Studies say that people taking more green vegetables have a lower risk of developing depression.

Yellow vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin A and C and antioxidants that help strengthen the immune system, heart, vision, improve digestion. They also brightens the skin, strengthens bones and teeth, reduce bad cholesterol, improves the acid balance.

Black beans, oatmeal, brown rice – is a natural source of magnesium, help to combat anxiety and depression. Magnesium stimulates serotonin production, and this improves mood and increase energy levels.

A favorite coffee only increases stress, and for the recover of our harmony it should be reduced or replaced with a green tea, which is also invigorating, but its useful features are far superior to the coffee.