Why to buy, dell inspiron 15 7560 laptop.

Hi guys, let me describe the advantages of dell inspiron 15 7560 laptop. Ok guys first of all let me tell you about dell inspiron 15 with 7560 series laptop. Let me describe using points.


| . Summary or Main features.


1) It has 15.6 inches as all the laptop will have, so no special thing.


2) As the new generation peoples require more storage option for their personal files, this Dell laptop gives 1 terabyte of the storage.


3) It provides latest processor for extra features, as it provides intel i7 i.e 7th generation processor for major projects.


4) And for fastest operation of the laptop, it provides 8GB RAM, means very fast operation of the laptop, and it is DDR4 version means latest RAM versions.


| . Multimedia or camera features.


1) It has front facing camera or WEBCAM of approximately 8MP, so that we can clearly take a shot or selfie by placing laptop on a surface. And the camera clarity will be superb.


2) For any camera based gadget, microphone is necessary, and for this laptop, we have digital technique installed microphone so that every audio and video recording will be so perfect as we hear directly.


3) And for sound speakers, they have used waves maxx audio drivers, that may not have many features as like bass boost etc, instead of that we can use Dolby drivers, so no problem for normal sound system.


4) And speakers are of best qualities with high sound.


5) And screen resolution is full HD of 720Pixel for video playing and for gaming.


| . Performance features.


1) It provide graphics option of 4GB for high gaming options, we can play gta 5 game without any resolution problems.


2) And processor clock speed is 2.7 GHz so that accurate timing and speed is maintained, do don’t worry.


3) And graphics processor is from NVIDIA SOFTWARES. It is the brand name for graphics.


| V. Peripheral features.


1) It provide backlight to keyboard, so that we can use laptop in darknight also. 2) It provide multi touch and gesture support, so that we can use monitor as input device or part.


V. General information features.


1) It provides 64 bit support so that we can use both 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems.


2) It’s weight is about 2Kgs.


3) It may provide battery backup upto 8 hours maximum.


4) It provide, USB ports with 3.0 versions for fast transfer of files over pendrive.


5) It also provide port for headphones and earphones and also a microphone.


VI. Networking features.


1) It provide Bluetooth facility for transferring small size files.


2) And given Bluetooth Version is 4.2, so that we can transfer files little bit fastly.


3) And also it provide wifi system for connecting wlan and also for sharing large files over share it.


These are the features of Dell inspiration 15 series.


Thank you.