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Newspaper: Giving Meaning to Articles

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Articles have a soul and life of their own. It is like the meaning and the content, the road and the sidewalk, they are a way of life.

Well, not exactly, for some people write just to pass their time. “Ah! I will just rest under this tree for a while.” While others do plenty of research, gather lots of evidence and then give shape and form to their article. “What I do must be worth it!” Well, there is some meaning in that all right.

Perspective needed

So, we have some footpaths, some country roads and some super highways. Is that a correct assumption? Or do we have to consider the lakes and streams and rivers to get a full picture? We all got to start somewhere and reach some place. That is good enough for me.

An article has something more than a moral.  An article has some meaning that tell us something. After we have finished reading it, we understand a little bit more than we originally did. It is a lot like learning the kindergarten rhymes in school. “Jack and Jill…” After you have learned it, you have crossed a milestone, something that the future generations will also do. At least, I think they will.

Then we come to articles written on the rush…just put it all down and get it over with. Of course, that is the name of the game — innovation! But there is no meaning. But what would you say when the cook gets innovative with the morning egg for breakfast? Or the newspaper boy gets innovative and throws your newspaper away?

Bottom line on the Newspaper Article

Come to that, even newspapers are having a tough time getting enough meaning into their news items. They are all busy trying to cut the throat of the rival newspapers that they sometimes come across with news article that makes no sense…to the viewers. Hmm…articles do not require meaning anymore do they?