Tsu social media that pays

Tsu is a site unlike any other that I have come across in a rather long time, I have personally been blogging, ghost writing and so on for the past few years now on and off dependent on the method of payment I was receiving etc and in all that time I have not run into a site that I have found to be as addictive, easy to use and simple to earn from as Tsu.

Tsu is basically and you can quote me on this what facebook should have been like, it is a social media platform where you can share links to businesses, your personal blog, this site for instance, your YouTube channel, hell you could even share your referral links from other sites to it.

You are able to upload silly videos and pictures of yourself and near anything else you could imagine, what sets it apart from facebook however is the fact you get paid for it.

The site splits it’s earnings as follows, it takes 10% for itself for upkeep, personal gain and so on, it then disperses the other 90% to the people (you and me) that use the site, that make new posts etc.

That 90% that Tsu disperses is split in half 45% goes to the person that referred you and the other 45% goes to you, basically the person that refers you to Tsu is given a little extra as a bonus for inviting other users.

All in all after having used Tsu for a little while I am rather happy with it, aesthetically speaking the site is worse than Facebook and there are no silly distracting games, but there is a community of just under half a million people of which are active, friendly and very chatty.

It is invite only from what the person who invited told me about it so I will put my link here if you guys want to go check the site out and see what you think about it etc.


I hope to see you guys over there 🙂