5 Tips to Take Great Photos at Night

Approximately 85% of all photos are taken with the help of smartphones. One of the main reasons why people use modern smartphones to take pictures is because they are both accessible and packed with helpful technology. By taking pictures with your phone, you can freeze special moments in time and enjoy them whenever you want.

You need to realize that not everything you want to photograph will appear to you during the daytime. Instead of shying away from taking pictures at night, you need to figure out how to take candid and meaningful snapshots at night. Here are some things you can do to make taking great photos at night easier.

1. Keep Your Phone Steady

One of the main problems you will encounter when trying to take pictures at night is motion blurring. This blurring can make your pictures hard to make out, which is why you need to do all you can to avoid this problem. Holding your phone steady is a great way to avoid motion blur and keep your pictures crisp and clear.

Using equipment as a mobile tripod will make this easier, especially if you are trying to take selfies in the dark. Editing your snapshots once you take them will be much easier with the help of the right apps. An app for selfie editing on iPhone will make your pictures more appealing.

2. Use Your Phone’s Flash Properly

Extra light is needed if you want to bring images in the dark to life. The only way to accomplish this with your smartphone is by using the flash feature. Most smartphones have a flash feature that produces very flat and harsh light.

If you want to make this light a bit softer and more appealing, then putting a piece of paper in front of the light is a good idea. There are also a number of color filters that can help you soften the light from your phone’s flash.

3. Make Use of Backlight

When taking pictures at night, your main goal needs to be to make them unique and appealing. Most inexperienced smartphone photographers fail to realize just how appealing silhouettes are. One of the best ways to get a great-looking silhouette is by using the power of the backlight. Ideally, you want to find an object with plenty of light behind it. Not only will this illuminate your shot, but it will also lead to you getting a great silhouette shot.

4.External Light Sources Might Be Needed

The equipment you need to take pictures of at night will depend heavily on how dark it is. If you are shooting in an area that has no artificial light sources, then you need to think about bringing your own.  There are a variety of pocket spotlights that you can use to illuminate the area where you want to take a picture. These lights are both affordable and easy to transport.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

Instead of getting discouraged when you are unable to get a great snapshot at night, you need to try again. The more smartphone photos you take at night, the easier it will be to get a feel for the settings and capabilities your phone has.

By using these tips, you can take some great pictures at night.