His First Smile

My little baby boy always made up my day. With all his unpredictable expressions everyday, with all his smiles and laughter in his face, with all his “ahhhs,ohhsss” and now “cooos”, with all his crying and shouts, all these are the reasons why i am stress free despite of having sleepless nights and tiring days. I can still remember his first smile with the blink in his eyes, with a little sound from his mouth, that time when was i cuddled him in my arms. Having him in my life every day is amazing. Motherhood is not easy but it is a nice feeling to be a mother. There is no easy in this world i bet. All needs to sacrifice for something, all needs to work hard for something, and that is the reality of life. Having a bay is not an easy decision of husband and wife. Life right now is like floating in economic crisis. In my case, my husband and i had a deep conversation before having a baby, there were many “what ifs” but in the end, we come up with the right decision. The best decision we ever made in our entire life, and that’s having a baby. He is our source of strength everyday, a reason for me and my husband to work harder every single day, a reason for us to live healthy, he is such the reason on why me and my husband are still here in this amazing world. I am proud to be a parent and my husband as well. He even wants to bring our baby wherever he go even at work if he only can. For now, i am a full time mother of him and i am enjoying every tick tuck ¬†of the clock with him. Life is amazing!