Little reminders…

I lost my Dad back in May of two thousand and five to pancreatic cancer.    So many things for me are reminders of him, but particularly, old cars.

Dad built a couple of cars–the one I remember most was a Ford “T-Bucket”, that when it was finished was a really sweet ride.  He had it painted a color called “Black Cherry”.   It was a gorgeous car, and I was so upset when he sold it to a couple of college girls of all things. ;p

Whenever I see an older model car, it reminds me of my Dad.

Today after church, the man that I ride with was doing his usual chatting in the sanctuary after the service.

I came out to the parking lot, and there was a young lady out there with a Ford Fairlaine Victoria . 😉

Now, I don’t know much about cars, but I know a sweet ride when I see one.  The car looked like it had its original interior, though there was a little tear or two in the seats.  There were little rust spots on it too, but nothing major.  The young lady said that she had had a stereo put in, but under the dash–the original sound system was still there.

The man I ride with came out of church, and he started talking with another man standing there and the young lady about the car. 😉

I had to smile a bit, one, because men can be like big boys when it comes to “toys”. 😉 and two, I could totally see my Dad doing the same thing.

“Where’d you get the car from?”

“What’s under the hood?”

“How much have  you worked on it? ”

…and given the young lady a bunch of advice on how to care for it. 😉

Yeah, my Dad could have stood around talking about that car for an hour or so, too. 🙂