Bored with the Bible

Sometimes we forget the real meaning of reading worthy things because we are so busy to fill up are eyes with satisfying book.
I remember when I was in Elementary and high school my religion subject keep on distributing such reading material regarding God, my mind keep saying to myself what a waste of time to read, I tried so hard to read it from the start but understand nothing about it. I easily become bored right after I open that book so called Bible.I know a lot of us never bother to open it, but for sure there is also many trying to open ,read, and understand the bible. Some might read my article, some may just skip it since it is regarding to God. When I stare myself in the mirror and remember those years i have wasted for not opening such a Holy book, I felt like regret it. Why? because for sure if I tried harder to open it, read it and understand it, not with my eyes but with my heart, for sure I will never be committed any sins that later on will definitely brused me. I can totally read it before but never understand not because God don’t want me, but because i never open my heart to let God interpret it to me, to let God guide me in every single word. So soon God never let me go, He keep on insisting His everlasting love that keep on flowing, growing inside me, I hid my heart with full of blindness until i found it through Him.I encourage parents, Children , Teenagers, Old and young to start reading the bible, not because i want you to choose your religion but instead I want God to find you and live to your heart. God never decline He always accept and cleanse you with all His heart. It is you who will be judge alone and it is Him who will judge you, thats for sure.

It is better to be late than never, try to read it and if you find yourself bored, pray and for sure He will never let anyone to interrupt you while having a heart to heart conversation with Him. Pray Until Something happen. Everything in your life will change for good.