Material possession taking away our morals

Nowadays materials possession more so in terms of money has become the dictator of our morals. Well i must agree it has been there since the days of our fathers. Traditionally when one had large farms,many wives, kids and cattle was rich. However back then they never used to do immoral things to acquire the property.  Hard work was a well known thing to them. Nowadays people and more so ladies are willing to do anything to be rich.  Take a look at what is happening to our ladies in campuses. Our learned friends who are expected to be role models to young girls in the society. They are the ones teaching them how to sleep around with men as old as their own dads and incase of pregnancy abortion is an option.

Today i was listening to two sickening scenarios of ladies who are doing an unimaginable to acquire money. One has the odecity to sleep with her own biological father because he gives her what she wants;money. She is happy to be living in a fancy house courtesy of the dad. Well the dad is also not left out but we will talk about him some other time. When i think of this whole issue i cannot help but pity the mother. I don’t want to imagine what would happen if she gets to hear of this. Betrayal of the highest order.

Before you can finish swallowing the bitter taste of this scenario here is another. Another lady is sleeping with fresh dead people to acquire the wealth. According to her she was introducing to some sort of witchcraft and she was told to sleep with the dead to get rich. And rich she is and not willing to loose what she has acquired.  You must be throwing up now but this is the society we are living in.