Just Call my Name

It’s a phrase from a song but it mean a lot to many people.  Only a real friend can make a promise to you that once you are in need, “Just Call my Name and I will be There.” Would you believe that people can make it?

Well, maybe some can do that but as for me, I cannot promise that I can always be present to my friend once they call me. Why I am telling this? Because we have our own problems in life and we are busy finding the solution.

There is one person that once you call His name, He will be there for you. He is not only He will be with you during the time of need but He is always with you wherever you go.

His name is Jesus. He said, when you call His name, He will be with you. If you ask, you will receive, if you knock, doors will open for you and if you search, you will find. This words are true to those that have faith but not to those who don’t believe. It’s all about faith in God Almighty. If you have faith you can identify that God’s help is always present. He never forsake nor leave you. Why I am saying this? I am a living example.

The time I acknowledge God as my Father, that’s my faith began. I see how He take care of me. he provides my needs. He protect me from night danger and even during the days. I am in Makati City for 10 years and I never experience any untoward events in my life. He is my light during my trials and problems. I lift my problems to Him and He solve it  for me. He made me strong and faithful to Him. I can tell Him my woes and happiness and I feel secure knowing I am a child of God.

Life? Life is a happy one for me. Even life is full of problems, I face it with gratefulness and positive mind because I believe that my God is a loving God. He is always there for us. His love never fade and He love those who acknowledge Him.

Dear readers, accept Jesus now as your Personal Savior and have a fulfilling life with Him without stress or worry because God is the answer for all our problems. Have full faith and trust in Him. He is faithful and just God.