ZocaLo LooT!!! Get Rs 5000 VoUcHeR For JusT ReFFerinG

If you are my Indian friend, I don’t want you to miss this awesome deal guys. Zocalo.in is an online website, here you can search building apartments etc..
Today at 12.01am they started a new offer to promote their website. You will be blown by their offer. It’s just refer a friend and earn free gift vouchers.
What you wanted to do is just go to www.zocalo.in/referral and make your first account. After making the account just post a review of place Delhi. I again say in the search option, search Delhi. Now write a review on delhi with 140 characters {not 140 words}.
So it is a simple trick for all of you.

After successfully posting a review, a new page will appear showing your referral.
Now just copy that referral code and paste it in your notepad.
After creating a successful account , go to the previous link and join with any other email id *important:No need top verify email id and mobile number so just write anything in there.
Now in the next page paste your referral link in the top of the and again write a revieww on delhi.
Now they will show that your review has been posted with your referral for the new account.
Now thats it guys. You are all ready for the loot

If you refer 10 friends you will get 100rs voucher

If you refer 20 friends you will get 500rs voucher

If you refer 50 friends you will get 1500rs voucher

If you refer 100 friends you will get 5000rs voucher


I successfully created 100 accounts and now i am waiting for their email confirmation. loo this and share this to all your friends.