Advertisement Fraud Increasing

The Advertising industry is now in the top with many startups coming through the country. Every day a new product or an application is released. This makes the advertisers to create new ways of selling the product. There are many platforms these advertisements are shown. Social Media is one of the highly considered platforms to show the new stuff with people viewing the product through a 15 sec advertisement or even more than a minute of the product being shown. Then the bloggers had a chance to earn money through these advertisements. They just write articles based on their interest or the daily events happening around the world. The viewers come to the blog page and go through your article and are on the page for short or long duration on the interest of the reader. Many of the bloggers earn big money by writing attractive articles. The second choice of platform is YouTube that grabs more audience than blogging. The interesting video will be shared to different people through other social media platforms that made the content viral with more people viewing the show. It was a good time for many individuals or a team to earn with the help of these technology introduced platforms. But, everything started to fade for the advertising industry with Fraud hitting hard on the advertisement industry. Many developers started to create their own software to gain views, hits and likes that earn money for the audience. This is against the rules of advertisement policies. In the starting period of bots and other free hit websites, it was very difficult to find out the issue and initially money was lost on huge numbers with no sales really happening. This was then bought to the publishers’ interest that money won’t be paid if they use these bots and illegal websites. But, the issues of online fraud still persist with more hackers or frauds being introduced to the black hat industry. Black hat is the wrong way of advertising or marketing a product or links in the website. So, it is better to use the process of advertisement in a correct way or the account may be disabled and the hard work put on by the writer or a creative artist will go in vain.