If you were stranded on a deserted island who or what would be with you? Wolverine of course!!

My youngest niece asked that loaded question and I had a hard time answering her when she told me I could only have 1 person with me. If I said her sister would be with me, then the youngest would be jealous, and vice versa if I said the youngest, then the eldest would get jealous. She also said to use my imagination and since I have a good one she said to make my story a good one, so here it goes, also this person has to be in a movie.
So I said that I would have Wolverine with me and my one item would be a big blank book with a big box of pens so I could write every day. He would build the house and I would prepare the meals and thankfully there would be no smoke alarms going off every day or night when I cooked.
We would swim every day and explore the island, then at night lay on the beach and look up at the stars. Then after a few months of being there, Wolverine would start tearing down trees and build us a big house and we would turn into modern day pirates.
We would rob the cruise ships that passed us by and demand any house hold items that we needed and of course we would have to steal clothes as well. Though I seriously think I could handle seeing him walk around shirtless all the time and well I’m not too sure if I would want to even leave the island if rescued.
The youngest would be stranded with one of the guys on Teen Beach movie and they would kiss and dance all the time. The eldest rolled her eyes at us and went down stairs, but I know she would want to be stranded with Ross Lynch. He’s so dreeaammyyy!