Starting new Daily Diary here

Oct 11, Sun, 2015
I have found another site to write my Daily Diary after getting rid of my old one and I think I have found it right here! First thing I did this morning was to check the weather and then the currency and the ÔéČEuro is a bit down unfortunately. It will be warm today and we are to expect a late shower. I got up about 7 am to try to advance on my embroidery, but I don’t consider that insomnia at all, as there is peace and quiet. I can hear birds singing outside too! I am doing the final steps to finish my Xmas ornament and the feeling I got was that it would break if I was not careful! Now come the final few lines and then some ribbons, a green bit and then I’m done and it looks good!
Multiple Sclerosis
This diary could also be the start of my new e-book about life with Multiple Sclerosis, which I’m starting to write. I also have to send an email to my sister to answer her comment about the new medicine they are trying for MS, but I have my own medication now called Gilenya and I’m happy with it, as it’s not an injection like the previous one I had, but just a daily pill.
I’m looking out my window now and the bay below (Nelson Bay) looks just like a mirror lake and maybe now is the time to copy my sister and start doing a water colour painting. Something I could include in it is our frangipani tree in our garden, which has started growing leaves and we confirmed that yesterday when we went to Inner Light to have a drink, which was not our usual tea, but hot chocolate, so I could sleep tonight.