Getting Comfortable When You Are Sick

Right now I feel awful.  Since last night I am feeling under the weather.  My joints hurt, my head hurts and I can’t stand the light.  Nope, I’m not turning into a vampire.  Food does not taste great since everything I eat taste bitter or bland.  Obviously I am sick.  So what do I do just to get by and try to ease this dismal feeling?  Well, here are somethings that I am doing right now…

Control the temperature

It is a nasty feeling being sick.  You feel cold but your body is radiating so much heat.  It is irritating!  But still I have to help control the temperature both around me and in me.  So I drink a lot of water just to keep my internal temperature lower.  Likewise, I wear comfortable shirt so my body ca breathe.

Dim the lights

Since it is morning right now as I write this, dimming the lights will not work.  Instead I draw the curtains to limit the light coming in.  For some reason the glare of the sunlight is making me uncomfortable.

Try to rest and relax

Obviously this is not what I am doing right now.  Instead being in bed I am in front of the monitor typing.  At least my mind is not entirely focused on how dismal I feel.  But when you get the chance try to take a nap. Catching some sleep can help your body recover.

Drink a lot

Apart from keeping your temperature in check, hydrating will help replenish lost liquids in the body. You may want to opt for lemon water as it helps with the bitter taste.

Eat Food

Even if you do not feel like it, it is a good idea to replenish your body’s lost nutrients.  During this time your body requires more vitamins and all sorts of nutrients.  You may want to eat little at a time but frequently.

I do not like feeling sick.  In fact it has been a while since I really felt this bad.  Keep safe everyone.