I don’t know what to feel, i already miss my Family :(

It’s September 14, and i already stayed here(Philippines) for two weeks. I know that i only have two weeks or more to stay with my family, and i need to leave them for work.Sometimes i’m excited to go but feeling sad thinking that i can not see them for quite a long time, sigh, if i only have a work here with good salary, i will not go.  But as other’s always remind me that opportunity knock only once, i will grab it.   There are many fellow Filipinos who wants to work overseas, but not given the chance.

My only relief is that, my new employer is good.Their family is very nice, i can say that because i already stayed with them for three days before i go home. I just hope, they won’t change. I’m going to take care of their little girl “kahei”, she is 16 months old, a very smart little girl,who loves numbers.Everytime she saw numbers,she smiles.I remember, we go to shopped twice, she always received the receipt, looked at us and smiles.

But, whatever i think… i already miss my family.Especially now that my youngest son is in high school, he needs my support. He always ask me to help him with his homework. And remind me that when i go i will always call them.He even told me to buy a new mobile phone so that they can see me clear in videocalling. My oldest is already in college,he can manage himself,anyway there’s a SKYPE i can always remind him to study harder. Sigh, that’s the reason i really need to work overseas, though my husband has work, for the family like us who is paying rent for the house it’s really not enough.