Friend lost her baby =(

friend’s bad news keep coming .. sigh, I really don’t know what to do or what to say to my friends. They seem to keep having bad things happening to them. I am not good in giving advices but I can be a good listener. First it was my friend who lost her baby due to the negligence of a doctor. She was already one week overdue and the doctor who came and examined her said that she wasnt ready for labour. She went home, her water broke, went to the hospital again but once again the doctor said she wasn’t ready. WHen her water broke once again, the doctor was shocked when he saw the umbilical cord coming out of her. He immediately asked her to go into labour but it was too late. Her baby was already lack of oxygen and the doctor declared that the baby’;s brain is only functioning by 30%. Such a sad thing to happen and such a misfortune to their family.

The doctor was really negligent and my friend and her family were kind enough to not sue the doctor or the hospital. But sad thing was the baby didn;t survive. 9 months in her tummy and the moment he came into this world he didn’t survive. Such a sad thing to happen and she has been crying since. I really don’t know what to do but I can just listen and talk to her when she needs me. Guess family and friends are very important to her now,.  I hope that she can go through this and be a stronger person. Hope that she can get pregnant again soon and may she become happy again!