Secrets of Success

Secrets of success, is there really such a thing? There are neither secrets nor shortcuts to success. Success depends on how one defines it. If you wish to have truly purposeful and contented life, you are on your own journey to success but take these suggestions along your way.

  1. Start with having a dream because success starts from having one. DO not limit your dreams, you can dream as many as you can as long that you know that they are achievable.
  2. Do not settle for good but go for the best. Strive for excellence rather than perfection. Be a person of integrity armed with a power of purpose. Remember that having a good name is greater than any riches in the world.
  3. Understand the impact of your own choices. Make decisions in whatever dream you want to accomplish.
  4. Set a goal and tie it with your core values. Plan strategies on how to achieve your dreams. Envision your goal and try to imagine how it will look like and condition yourself for success.
  5. If you wish your dream to materialize, be ready to pay the price. Accept that in order to accomplish something you have to be ready to do what it takes because there is a cost that you have to pay for success. Get ready to deliver hard work, patience, acceptance, failures and all other things that you need to bargain for.
  6. Fear is one factor that makes one to pursue his dreams. Conquer that fear because you have to take risk or chances. Overcome those obstacles because if you don’t, you are not going anywhere.
  7. Entertain feedback because it has values. Negative or positive feedback can help you make some improvements. Take these on a positive light.
  8. Make time for your dream. Void procrastination. Delaying it means delaying your own success.
  9. Love what you do.
  10. Put things in balance. You have to make sure that you give time to every aspect of your lifelike family, friends and even yourself.
  11. Think of giving back or paying forward. Do not forget those people who have been there for you in your journey.
  12. Do not let the past overturn the future. You have to move on taking with you the good memories and learning that your past taught you. Don’t let past drag your feet and move on to reach your dreams.