How to say “I LOVE YOU”- PART 2

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Here i want to continue some tips to help you in saying ‘I Love You’ to your loved ones.

1- If you want to tell your partner how you feel in a public place, it’s up to you whether you want to pull the person aside or say it in front of friends or even strangers. It depends on the personality of your loved one and your own. Some will find it terribly romantic to be told they’re loved across a room full of people; others may find it mortifying.

2- SAY IT WITH OUT EXPECTING ANYTHING IN RETURN- It is nerve-wracking to tell someone that you love them if you’re going to wait anxiously for their response. If you truly feel it, then say it with no expectations of a response. Your intention can be to tell the person how you feel, and if they love you too, they’ll let you know in their own way and in their own time.

3- BACK UP YOUR WORDS- Don’t just say it, show them that you really do love them. Saying ‘I Love You’ without showing it is, in a way, a lie. Express your love in action as well as in words. You should mean your words, instead of just throwing it on the recipient. Try to make them feel what you are saying to your loved ones.

4- BE CREATIVE- Try to be creative, like say ‘I Love You’ in different language. Try writing it in a poem or even a haiku. If you want to be romantic, spell it out with rose petals on the bedroom floor. Write it in code, like a vigenere cipher. Say it in little ways, like post-it notes in unexpected places and express it in every way you can.