How to protect your eyes from computers cell phones television

Most people spend a lot of time in front of the computer,the reasons may be different: there are those who use it for work and who to spend your free time (chat rooms, online gaming sites, and to download content ); actually it is also used to study but I do know that for school projects the average student does not take longer than 15 minutes (ehehe).The computer coupled to the Internet is a great tool to inform themselves and learn new things, as well as finding friendships and new loves but can be a problem for those who daily uses it for too many hours. This is because the PC as well as any other digital device as a smartphone, tablet or TV creates eye strain. To impaired vision means the redness of the eyes, the drysentirseli, or notice a temporary loss of vision (it is more known in the evening).

How long you are in front of computers or mobile phones? Four hours, seven hours, more than ten? Most of us devotes about 6-9 hours a day, 28% spend more than ten hours a day in front of your pc monitor and other types of screen.

Even after just 2 hours the eyes can feel voltage, it has no importance in this case the factor of age or of the graduation of view, this symptom of fatigue is due to the eyes that dry quickly front of a screen because the eye reduces dramatically the frequency of the beats of lashes well 5 times. Moreover, even that time when the eye closes necessity is very likely that this is done incompletely because the eye does not completely cover the cornea and therefore here is the arrival of vision fatigue, tiredness and also the pain head.

What hurts the most?
Between 3 to be in front of the mobile, PC or TV that does more harm to the view is the cell phone because the screen is smaller and more efforts are made, following there is the computer and the television that ultimately hurts less because you look at it at least 2 meters away

The blue light
The computer digital screens has smartphone emit blue light (visible light or high-energy) which makes the aging much more rapidly than normal view – this according to the scholars – some, it may seem a thing alarmist because there are many people who are front of the computer but do not lead even though the lenses that create disturbances in sleep and concentration would say that there are no doubts at all, I challenge anyone to spend many hours at the computer and not feel a bit ‘dazed.

Solutions, precautions and protections
It is not difficult to protect your eyes from damage caused by light emitted by the screens, only it requires some knowledge and small adjustments in daily operations.

1) Lower the light: Contrary to how we read about when you use your computer, the room should not be very bright, on the contrary you have to lower the brightness so that the brightest element is precisely the computer; in case you need to read or write sheet can be useful a desk lamp.

2) Reduce glare: Not only the external light but also the inside of the computer should be adjusted in the right way, the first thing you have to eliminate glare, the computer should not appear as windows or objects in the room that could cause discomfort. There are anti-glare screens, but the best solution is to place your computer away from a window and clean it regularly.

3) Minimize exposure to blue light: We must avoid exposure to blue light at least 2-3 before going to bed, as this alters the circadian rhythm (the eye adapts to light by changing the biological and behavioral processes). In this regard, you can try to use programs that automatically adjust the screen brightness of your computer based on time of day.

4) Rule of 20-20-20: This simple rule but very useful to rest the eye is watching to look away from the screen every 20 minutes and fix a distant object at least 20 meters away for at least 20 seconds.

5) Correct posture: To reduce the fatigue of the eyes you have to sit at the computer in the correct position , you have to avoid all those unruly positions than conviction say they are more comfortable; in fact besides the sore neck and back pain, strains your eyes because you look at the screen too Space out or too close and even at an angle.

6) Vitamin A: sweet potatoes, carrots, leafy green vegetables all contain vitamin A and are good for the process of rhodopsin in perceiving the light to the retina properly.

7) Listen to your body: you are tired of staying at the computer, instead of rubbing your eyes, you have to take at least a small break, rinse your face, open and close your eyes for at least 10 times for invigorating them a bit ‘. If these methods are not enough small Make reservations a eye doctor checkup to see if you need glasses or just for your computer, or if the problem is dry eye may also advise the use of lubricating drops in case of need. Purchases DIY in these cases are useless, indeed may worsen the situation, always it serves the expert’s opinion.

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