Tips in Attracting a Man as Partner

There are many women who really tried to attract the man they like or love but it is like they are  unfortunate. They tried many ways to get the man.  As for me, I never do anything to attract my partner. Through his stories, I understand the things I was doing since, attracted him and he avoid those flirting women.

Here are some of the tips that make our relationship exciting and sweet as the days go by. We practice it daily and we are the happiest couple ever.

  1. Don’t tell nor show your feelings to the man.  Be casual in talking to him. He said, he hate a woman who tell him that she like him so much. he explained that she remove his right of wooing her. So, it’s really a turn-off to him. How about me, how do I attract him? (He is my boyfriend, you know.) If he is telling something about these women flirting with him, I just laugh at it. I don’t jealous. I believe that if loves me then he will not stick with anybody of which he don’. I think, he is challenge every time I do that.
  2. Don’t bring or give gifts to him. Let him ask you what he likes. Yesterday,  he told me that his ex-girlfriend was trying to give him his favorite perfume and roll-on. I asked him why he denied her gifts? Why he asked me those things if other women are willing to give? He must accept it, right? It’s a gift. Well, he said that he asked something from the one he love not to anyone that has no special part on his life.
  3. Don’t offer everything.  Some girls think that if they offer good house, cars, motorcycle and money for business to a man. When he told me this, I push him to accept that offer from a woman. I told him that if he marries that girl, he will have good life. But what about my heart and happiness? That’s was his answer to me. You can learn how to love her, I replied. Never! I am not a woman who can learn to love a man. Do you know his real reason why he denied that offer again? He said, she insulted him. Why? As a man, what he can do now to the woman when she give him everything?(I think he is crazy. Other men accept that offer and enjoy life and money of a woman.) Well, he is different.
  4. Treat a man as a real man and head of the family.  Of course, I think most women like to treat their men as real man and head of the family.  He said that some women like to treat their men like dogs. She wants him to pick her, do this to her, cry when her needs didn’t met, and do tantrums. The most he hate when the woman jealous with all the women who talk to him.
  5. Jealousy is not advisable to any relationship. It ruin relationship and hurt feelings. Women or men who are jealous has no real love to their partner. Gone are the days that jealous believe as a sign of love. It is distrust to your partner. Insecurity engulf them and leads to fights and arguments. With this, no healthy relationship will prosper.  The end of a relationship is break-up.
  6. Other tips will be next post. Following or doing this things make your relationship a successful one. I and my man knew each other for 6 years already. We parted for five long years but we are back again together and the spark of love is still present and he remain because he compared me to other girls and he found out that I am the woman he is looking for.