How to practice meditation with just a cup of coffee!

To put it simply: time flies. If you do not stop to meditate from time to time, you may well let him go. Meditation can make your life better.Actually this practice has a lot of health benefits: it can reduce stress, lower blood pressure. It can also help to feel more present, a state of mind which results in more productivity, creativity, comfort. If you’ve ever leached out of the office without knowing if you’ve accomplished something, meditation can also help.

A simple cup of coffee (or tea) may be enough to get into meditation. This also works at an advanced may seems odd but it is scientifically approved that this mediation may make your life better.
Start as soon as you get up to fetch your coffee. Feel your feet touch the ground, listen to what is happening around you.
Once in front of the coffee machine, feel the cup in your hands, pay attention to the smell of the drink, feel the warmth of the cup that goes to your hands.
If you add milk or sugar, have well aware of your action, noise grains of sugar when they come out of the package and affecting the coffee surface.
When carrying coffee to your mouth, focus on salivation or other physical sensation which comes under the anticipation of the action.

This allows the body and mind to rest, to be fully aware of what is happening, You can then move on and consciously choose what is important now,you will feel so much better thanks to this amazing trick,and we can say meditation must not leave our life,it must be included to daily habit in order to feel better,to think better,to act better and live happier.