Hernia information: Personal opinion

Pain is a four letter word that is easy to understand before and after hernia surgery. People that have heard they have a hernia can help their condition greatly by remembering these suggestions.

  • Let friends and family members help out when ever possible.  Doing yard work aggravated my husband’s hernia. He ask me to cut the grass that was on the hill; however I decided to cut it all for him. I feel this helped his pain level a lot.
  • Ask your doctor how much weight you can lift without aggravating the situation.
  • Try to keep your bowels regular. Constipation could lead to more pain around the hernia.

A little pain is natural after having  surgery. There are ways that may help people that have had hernia surgery suffer less, and get back to their normal way of life sooner than expected.

My husband had hernia surgery this morning, and this is what he has been doing to help himself after having the surgery.

  • Use an ice pack on the sore area for 20 minutes every hour.
  • Take pain medication as directed.
  • Eat light foods and drink lots of water.
  • Rest a lot and try to walk around when  the pain is tolerated doing a minimum number of steps.
  • Allow others to help you in your time of need.

Most people today have to strain their bodies in one way or another, and when that happens more strain is put onto other areas. People could then develop one condition that is called a hernia, and require surgery to fix the problem.

Try not to lift heavy objects alone.  Even if you have help moving objects remember to still be careful.Our bodies are strong but still need careful supervision in order for it to stay that way.

Think twice before lifting objects or you may end up having hernia surgery. If you have recently had hernia surgery remember what may have caused the condition, an learn how to prevent it from happening again. Teach friends and family members about how to prevent them from having this condition if possible in their lifetime.

I am not a doctor! This information is meant to help people that have a hernia cope better with their pain. This information is not a cure for the condition. Hernias need a doctor’s care immediately when symptoms occur.

Consult your doctor when concern of this nature occurs.