Caught The Marathon Bug

I use to be very active in sports when i was young, doing track n field as well as in the school basketball team. I was good enough to make my state division high jump squad for two consecutive years so i was in great shape.

After finishing high school, i started my college life like any other teenage my age would do. With all the assignments and group discussion sessions every now and then, i hardly have enough time for my much needed sleep let alone going for any sports activities. So gradually, those well built figure slowly deserting me and i start to get tire easily due to lack of stamina. After Graduating and started my work life, sports become the last thing on my mind.

Sometime your friends can influence you and in this case, marathon. A few good friends of mine started doing marathon running since last year. After some hard convincing from them, i am doing my first marathon this coming Sunday. Been heading to the gym for some treadmill running and some core body work out as well. As i have solid knowledge on how to get back in shape from my old school sporting days, i have designed my own work out routine.

Everyday after work, i would head straight to the gym. After some light stretching and warm up, i am all set to go. I start off with a 5 minute walk to get my body warm up, just like heating up your car engine. After the 5 minute is up, i would increase the speed and start with a slow jog. I would increase speed every 5 minute and push my body to the limit and when it reach the 1 hour mark, i would stop. Really looking forward this Sunday marathon and hope i will do well. Wish me luck