Introduction Of Myself

Hello all, some I know from other sites and some will be new to me but I’m NicoleL5822.  I’ve been around writing online for the last few years on various sites.  I currently have two indie-published books on poetry, a blog, and short stories and I have a pure passion for writing.

I mainly write horror or poetry.  I started writing poems when I was younger as a way to express myself.  I’ve been told by a lot that I have a way with words and some poems are too truth-like.  I think it’s just what I carry in my heart along with a good way to rhyme words together or just put my thoughts in order for an emotional feel.

I’m was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA where I currently own my home.  I have two beautiful kids, my daughter is 5 and my son is 13.  I use a pic my daughter took as my photo at times because to me she was singing my Logo when I took that picture.  My kids and my mom are the heart of my family.  I do have two sisters and my father but my kids and my mom are what I hold dear to my heart the most.

Well I look forward to seeing what will happen being on this new platform and I’m glad that someone thought to email me about it.  I may have not found it if it weren’t for that email.  I’m not sure what exactly I’ll bring to the site yet, I don’t see a poetry category but I maybe able to do some of my short fiction here.  Maybe start some projects and make some new friends.

Thanks very much for taking the time to read about me and stopping by.  I look forward to meeting as many as I can on here once I really get comfortable with the platform.  And again, thanks for thinking of me and sending me an email about the site.  Hopefully this will be a great new start of something new and good.