How do you raise your child?

Every parent in this world has their different ways of raising their child and no one could ever question you on how you raise your child because every parent is hoping the best for their child and they do not want their child to grow up with a real bad attitude. Every parent wants their child to be a decent and nice man/woman.

Some parents’ way of raising their child is to make their child feel that they love their child so much and when the child did something that wasn’t right they punish it by disallowing the kid to go outside their home and play, confiscating their gadgets or talking to them and telling them that what they just did is wrong and must never be done again.

While some parents punishes their child by hitting them painfully but we all know that the punishment doesn’t had to be painful but sometimes parents just doesn’t have a choice but to hit their child because of their bad attitude and they just wanted their child to change their bad attitude into good.

There’s no parent who wants to hurt their child, every time your parent hit you the pain that your parents feel is one hundred times worse than the pain that you’re feeling because your parents had to do that even if they doesn’t want to to make you a better person.

Seeing your child hurting is like hitting your heart with a one hundred ton hammer. Parents never wanted to see their child sad, if only your parents could give the world to you, there’s no doubt that they would do it for you.

If a parent’s child cry, the parent thinks of a way to stop their child from crying and when the parent’s child is laughing, that makes a parent’s heart jump for joy.