How to Choose The Best Motorcycle For Your Needs

If you are in the market for a new or used motorcycle then, it is really important to understand the differences between the various styles and, they will affect your riding experience. For example, you could buy a sports bike, a standard or a ‘naked’ bike, a dual sport bike, a cruiser or even a tourer but, they must be the correct bike for the style of riding you intend to do, to shed some light on the matter, here’s a brief rundown of what the different bikes feature;

As quick as a flash

One of the two quintessential motorcycles that most people think of when they hear or think about motorcycles, probably due to a mixture of things, they are the most common, they have a very unique, ‘tuned’ engine sound and they look super slick. A quick look at the range of Honda at Wheels Motorcycles will help to confirm that one for you, some studies even say that when children are asked to draw a motorcycle, the sports bike will be the bike of choice.

Performance, acceleration, cornering, and braking are all priorities on sport bikes, to enable them to be ‘quick off the mark’, stick to corners like glue and to be able to stop on a six ounce, when needed. They’re also designed to be as light and powerful as possible, but they’re not always as comfortable as other motorcycles.

What are you wearing?

Many contemporary standards, sometimes known as naked motorbikes, provide almost all of the performance of full-fledged sport bikes while providing more comfortable riding posture and general usefulness. In the electric motorbike category, this is a fast-developing segment with a lot of potential.

Tackle ‘almost’ any terrain

Dual sport bikes, which are both road and part dirt, a battle between performance and style are street legal and capable of highway travel as well as urban/suburban commuting. On the weekends, though, they may take on off-road terrain. Look for a Supermoto, which is a dual sport with 17-inch wheels and street tires, if you want a more street-oriented dual sport motorbike.

Cool as a cucumber

Most cruiser bikes are low, long, a little menacing looking and often sound like they derived from the depths of hell. Their major advantage is a low seat height, as well as a certain amount of aesthetic swagger. Although Harley-Davidson is credited for inventing the cruiser motorcycle style, other prominent manufacturers, including several Italian brands, have followed suit.

Adventure time

The range of today’s touring and sport touring bikes are of superb quality, made to last, with features such as full weather protection, waterproof baggage, heated hand grips, stereos, and comfy seats. A sport touring motorcycle, as the name implies, is designed for riders who are willing to forego some comfort in exchange for the freedom to lean the bike over.

Each to their own

As you can see, each style of bike has its own purpose and will feel completely different to the next from the very moment that you sit on the bike to the moment you set off and start tackling whichever piece of terrain you fancy. If you are considering buying one then, do yourself a favour and test ride each of the different styles, as with most things, only really learn from experience.