Performance vs Style: These 3 Suzuki Aftermarket Parts Have Both

When you’re on the hunt for discount atv parts or aftermarket gear for your Suzuki motorcycle, you don’t have to compromise style for performance. In fact, the right parts can add a personal flair to your ride. If you’re on the hunt for gear to amp up both efficiency and appearance, here are three options you should consider.

  1. Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing

This fairing is as bold as you are with a 36 ½ inch width and black Lucite outer shell. The class A finish means you can paint it to match the rest of your bike. Designed for speed, the shape is both eye-catching and aerodynamic.

  1. Kuryakyn ISO Flame Grips

When it comes to upgrading suzuki motorcycle parts, the grips are often overlooked. Why settle for the factory default when you can add quality and pizzazz? These Kuryakyn ISO Flame Grips have a lot going for them, including these features:

  • Unique flamed pattern
  • Endcap and trim ring emblazed with Maltese Cross
  • Soft rubber pads with plenty of cushion

These fantastic flame accessories are just the thing for adding a little individuality while enhancing your grip.

3.Kuryakyn Flamed Floorboard Covers

If you’re drawn to the fire motif, there’s another place you can add a little heat: your floorboards. These chrome covers are designed to fit over stock floorboards, making installation a breeze. These fiery accessories come with several great benefits, including the following:

  • No reduction of cornering clearance
  • Allows for more comfortable foot positions
  • Larger than stock floorboards

Augment your bike with the hottest icons while increasing your comfort at the same time.

Aftermarket parts aren’t just about improving performance – they’re also a chance to spruce up your motorcycle and make a statement. You can make your bike unique with classic shapes or flashy chrome, all while personalizing your cruising experience. Don’t settle for stock items – find the right accessories for your Suzuki today.