Ethree style poems

The Ethree (or Etheree, never sure of the spelling) style poem is another one of the simpler forms of poetry.  It does not require meter, or even rhyme.

An Ethree is ten lines long.  The main requirement is that the first line is either one word (or one syllable) and that the next lines continue as follows:

Two words (or syllables)

Three words (or syllables)

Four words (or syllables)

…all the way to ten.

If one chooses to count words from one to ten, then in each line it must focus on the count of words.  The same token with syllables.  Below I have two examples of  Ethree style poems, the first counts words from one to ten and the second counts syllables.


(#1: Words)


Must be

So truly wonderful;

For who else would

Send His only begotten Son

To die for the sins of

A race of people that He created

And that turned their backs on Him, even

Though all He showed to them was the love

Of a father like no other that is on Earth.

©Stacey Uffelman 9-24-15

Here is the poem written counting syllables in each line.  I tried to make it in the same vein as the first poem so that one can see the control one must use when counted syllables.


Must be

So truly

Wonderful! For

Who else would send

His one and only

Son to die for the sins

Of those who He created

When they turned their backs upon Him

And all He ever showed them was more

Love than any father could on Earth.

© Stacey Uffelman 9-24-15

With syllables, the poet must concentrate on what words they are using and where.  It’s a good challenge for the brain.  One of course has to think when counting words, too, of course, but I always felt that counting syllables and getting the poem to end “correctly” was a bit more of a challenge. 🙂  The poet could choose either way to write the Ethree depending on their mood. 🙂