Can We Make Money Online?

Do we ever wonder why a lot of us prefer to work or make money online? I, for one prefer to check for earning opportunities online. Why? Because many people are already making a fortune by doing business online.

Here are some hit online money making that we can do on our part time:

  1. Selling Goods Online. I know numbers of my relatives and friends who are doing this business. They wholesale clothes, cosmetics, home utensils and others and sell it online by using the social media.
  2. Affiliate Marketing. I am still a newbie in this industry but I also find it amazing because we register as members in a certain company and earn from their compensation plan. For now, I am signed up at Ignition Marketing (catered to Filipinos because they used the national language in their presentations) and I like the idea that while I am learning how to market my products online, I can also earn thru referrals.
  3. Freelance Jobs. I am not sure if any of you have tried working for Odesk (now Upwork). I am a member of the website and have earned more than a hundred bucks by working part time. We can choose from a variety of job posts to include: graphics and design, content writing, translating and by working as a virtual assistant.
  4. Blogging. This may be our favorite part here but we all know that we do not earn a lot by doing it. This applies if we are a newbie but according to my readings, many people has also made a fortune by writing..writing for their own blogs, for other people or for companies like Skypip.
  5. Videos. YouTube..right, people make money thru YouTube. They post helpful videos and if it goes viral, they’ll make a lot of money.

What else do you do to make money online? And why? Is it because it is easier to earn by going online? Or because we have better chances of making sums of money online?