Heavy Traffic Is A constant Companion

Traffic is a nightmare here in Metro Manila.   As I ply the main thoroughfare this Saturday morning, I was surprised to see a long queue of cars going down the underpass.  It was perplexing that it was a weekend and it was still barely 6 o’clock in the inning.  Traffic should’ve been light.  Sad to say it was not the case!

Traffic in Metro Manila is not getting any better. And with major road construction in some major roads, we are in for a terrible drivers to and from work, school or play. With the APEC summit drawing nearer, We can expect more reroute ng of traffic to give way for the security of the delegates.  Of course, this is not the root cause of the problem.  If we look at the traffic situation in the Philippines a few of the major reasons for the heavy traffic include poor road conditions, undisciplined drivers, lax implementation of the law and pathetic pedestrians.

I have yet to enjoy a week without traffic.  I suppose that is just wishful thinking.  However, it is certainly expected that traffic is a part of Metro Manila life.  It sucks, but it is a reality I have to accept.  The major concern now is how to keep my sanity while in traffic.  Tempers can easily shoot up in situations like these.

There are times when I’d rather stay at home than go out.  But when it is necessary, I try to keep myself focus on just getting to where I want to go to in one piece.  Otherwise, I would just feel stressed out from the trip.  A little music, some cool air from the air conditioner and a lot of patience.  The patience part is quite difficult when you are in traffic for an hour or more.

in the end we all want to arrive safely.  Keeping our cool in the traffic is something all drivers need to learn.  Because sooner or later traffic will be blocking our way.  And in the Philippines it is sooner than later.