Heard about movie Bahubali?

shravanbelagola-574412_1280Hello there i hope you guys are familiar with Indian movie industry which is known as Bollywood but do you know that there are also other regional movie industries like Tollywood, kollywood!? Sounds funny!? Isn’t it? Well that’s true!

Now let me come back to my topic. Bahubali is an Indian sci-fi movie. Most of foreigners mistaken it as Bollywood movie but it is a Telugu movie which is directed by South Indian director S. Rajamouli. All actors in the movie are South Indian.  Bahubali movie was a huge success on box office even non Indian audience applauded the movie.

The visual effects and cinematography of the movie is extraordinary. It matches the level of high budget sci-fi movies of Hollywood like 300 and The lords of the ring.

This movie is about a frictional ancient Indian Kingdom Mahismita. The king of the Kingdom has died and the rebels want to over take the throne but the queen of the Kingdom was brave and intelligent. She managed to save the kingdom with her leadership skills. She is taking care of two newly born prince named Bahubali and Bhallala deva.

Both prince were growing up and learning all the skills which was required to become a king. There was another clan which wanted to attack on mahismita Kingdom. Queen of mahismita announced that the price who kill the king of their enemy clan will be the new king of mahismita.

There are so many twist and turns in the movie which will give you goosebumps. The movie has a great suspense which will be revealed in second part. This movie has broken all the records on box office. Bahubali- the beginning will be premiered in Busan international film festival in October, 2015. I hope it will applauded by the South Korean audience.

Photo credit : Pixabay