My First Post.

I joined this site today,looking forward to posting and interacting much here.A  very warm welcome to all of us. We are all here  anticipating  to  be   part of a  friendly community  at SkyPip.I have read many of the posts by members here.Now we are only  a very small number of members here in this site.I hope we will grow into a very large community by the end of this month.

We all have different interests and hobbies.I hope we   can find  posts that interests each one  all of us. Let  us  write  and share  our views on different   topics  so that we all  get an idea about the interests of other members.

I am always interested about  life in general and hobbies and family of my friends here.What food is your favorite,which type of books you like to read,what type of music you prefer, what are your favorite movies,which is the present climate in your place–I would like to  know all these and more.I will also be writing about all these in  my  future posts.

I am now re-reading the book ” Chicken Soup for the Soul” ,which is a collection of stories to ”Open Heart and Rekindle The Spirit”. The stories are real life experiences collected by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. The stories never fail to touch our hearts. There are stories  about  the miracle of love,death and dying,overcoming obstacles and many other matters .Most of the stories start with quotations and I love quotations.

By the way,at first I thought that the length of the article should be 280 characters.But I see that it is 280 words.I hope there will be more members tomorrow.More members means  more posts.I am really looking forward to it.All of you have a nice day.Until tomorrow then.