Have you guys played online multiplayer games.

Guys its been some days that i have been in here. i am so buys busy nowadays in playing some cool multiplayer games. Have you guys ever played online multiplayer games? i thought online games are boring but the game “Clash Of Clans”.  Its been a really addicting game. I am playing it for more than 4 months and still it is the best game i ever played. Have you guys ever played this game? Its a strategy game. In the game you have a townhall in the center of the village. While starting the game you Town hall of level 1. You have to build the army and defence. i am now in town hall 7  and i just unlocked the beast, i.e, dragon in the barrack. dragons are the most safest way to attack in townhall 7 bases. because townhall 7 has only 2 air defence. But after the clash of clans new update, townhall 7 will get 3 air defence. It balanced the game much better.

The coolest thing in clash of clans is the clan war. We can have one clan war in 2 days. I.e, the first day is the preparation day where defence army in war are filled by clan members. preparation day last for 1 day and the next day is war. In war day people war each other and at the end of war, team with highest war stars win the war. If the war wins, the clan will get heavy warloot bonus.

The most important thing abut this game is that, new updates are given by SUPERCELL, who are the makers of this game. So that’s a greatest advantage for clash of clans. So guuys give a try to this game. I promise this wont disappoint you!

Have a great day and dont forget to be awesome. I will be back with more interesting games!