Come back stronger, no more weakness

Happiness feels like this

A couple celebrating.
A couple celebrating.

I love poetry because it strategically describes things. That gives me a clear mental picture.  I also love music, in fact, I find myself humming or singing . It has become part of me. There are particular kinds of music that capture my attention. I really love Kat Edmondson’s song entitled Lucky. I think it’s a perfect description of happiness.

For a very long time I struggled to explain what happiness is until I watched ‘Suburgatory’ and heard the sweetest song ever. I went ahead and looked it up over the internet and listened to it thoroughly.  My best line is “we don’t even have to pretend that we know what it is we are looking for.” It’s very relevant because, at this day and age, we are so informed but in most cases, we do not know ourselves well. But I’ve seen guys trying to seek happiness while they do not know what it is. It’s ridiculous. On the up side, they learn the hard way.

They say that life is made up of moments. That look which makes you smile, that soft brush of hands, the laughter of a baby, the soft kiss on your neck ,that wedding dance and a toast with friends.. these are the things that bring out that beauty.

Enjoy reading the lyrics.

Feels like this;
Your heart upon your sleeve.
There’s a place,
In time and space,
We can all be free.

So meet me at the rainbow’s end.
We don’t even have to pretend
That we know what it is we’re looking for,
We’re looking for.

Life is just a dream…
Lucky you;
Lucky, lucky me!

Life is just a dream
Lucky you;
Lucky, lucky me!

Have you found
Higher ground
Or are you lost at sea?
Do you know
Where you go
Is where I want to be.

So cast your troubles into the sky;
They can be the stars in our eyes
And we can count them all another day,
From far away.

Life is just a dream…
Lucky you;
Lucky, lucky me!

Life is just a dream…
Lucky, lucky me!

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