Hand looms and textiles Mexican art

In the case of Mexico, where the textile not only capture the beauty that comes from the skilled hands, but also give identity to the various towns and regions in this state I could not miss a museum dedicated to this art. It draws on the Zocalo. To the north is the street Hidalgo. Recorrela eastward and in a couple of blocks away, at number 917, you will face an eighteenth century mansion, which at the time belonged to the convent of San Pablo. The building survived an attempt of demolition and destruction of their inner hands of a real estate agency, until the Harp Helu Foundation bought the house and convent, to convert the latter into a cultural center and home to the museum since 2008 pays tribute to the local art on fabric.
His austere but beautiful green stone facade, as used in the architecture of the city, will not offer any clues about the treasures. Dynamic textures, complex patterns, vibrant colors, hip lines, blouses, tablecloths and napkins worked on technique and beautiful and fine openwork shawls are only part of the permanent collection is preserved under special conditions here bent, hanging, temperature and humidity.
In addition to the guided tours, which are gratuities- several seasons find exhibitions dedicated to various typical garments, regions or any particular designer or craftsman. With a little luck you might find a workshop to learn how to dye textiles or even a simple shirt Remora- with natural dyes or weaving loom waist or pedals, the Indian custom.

As every museum has a small shop where you can buy unique gifts to bring your loved ones back home… Although, after visiting Mexico, you’ll want to return to your land? No doubt this place after seeing all the little signs of wearing state, your first impulse will be a walking tour of the eight regions of Mexico, which would be one of the best rides of your life.