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Hair Care

My hair is wavy and has always had a tendency to be frizzy and fly away
It is on the dry side.  When I was younger as a child my mom would keep my hair cut short. I did not like short hair.   When I was a teenager I grew it out and kept it long

I mostly wore my hair long through my life but there were a few times I cut it shorter, My husband however preferred me wearing it longer.   But finding the right shampoo’s and conditioners has been an on going problem until a few years ago when I found Suave Coconut shampoo and conditioner

Of all the shampoos and conditioners that is the one that seems to give me the least fly away frizzed hair after washing it.   For quite a time I dyed my hair but the past year my grandchildren have asked me to let it go,  It is still dark in a lot of places but they like the silvery white threads streaking through the darker tresses.

My daughter trims my hair about every couple months and my grand daughters love to fix my hair for me.    They like putting it up in braided fashions or in buns or pony tails tied up with ribbons or scarves.

My hair is still long hanging below my shoulders which is comfortable.   I can wear it up or down as I wish, in a pony tail or braided.   There are all sorts of things I can do with my longer hair.   About every few weeks I give my hair a hot oil bath treatment and then wash it and it stays nice for awhile.   I do not every use hair sprays but at times use frizz ease products and detangler.

Some other shampoos I have and still sometimes use is Dove and Pantene and Herbal Essence Coconut.     The same goes for the conditioners.  Coconut seems to be the best of the shampoos and conditioners whatever brand I purchase or is purchased for me.     I now have graying whitish hair with dark streaks here and there and thinking of getting a lavender subtle tint.   I am also open to new hair care products that might cause less frizz and dryness.