Haiku: Friend reguest

Can anyone tell me

how to send a friend request

I want to make friend


I am new here on Skypip and I am trying to find out how to send friend request to other writers that also write on here.

I write for many other writing sites, and finding supporting writers to follow never use to be a problem. Does anyone know how I can send friend requests?

In the past when I first started writing there were options about sending friend request. Still to this day over five years later I have always seen friend request as an option to think about.

How do writers here follow one another? My first writing site I ever wrote on was E-how and I found out first hand how important it is to support other writers.

Years later I wrote on Associated Content and supporting other writers helped a great deal. I made alot of great writers that help support my writing by viewing and helping my page view earnings.

Is there a page that has all this information on it and I overlooked it when I signed up?  I keep think the information should be on my profile page or dashboard, but I do not see any type of information about adding other writers as friend.

I have been commenting on articles more lately and asking other writers on the commenting section of the articles that I read how I can send friend request but so far I have not heard any response.

I want all the writers here from Skypip to know I will do my best to support their writing as much as possible.  The help from other writers maybe just a click away if I can ever find out how to do it.

Have a great time here writing and I hope to hear from you all soon. Have a great day everybody!