Five habits that are very bad for our teeth

Many people think that they care well of their teeth: they clean them wth the tooth brush, use dental floss and regularly performs professional oral hygiene. Dental doctors identified five habits, the worst five habits that determine poor dental condition. In the first place – the teeth are used instead of the opener.

Each of us had situation when there had not been a bottle opener, scissors or other tools and we may had to use our mouth. However, when you try to remove bottle stopper with your teeth or tear off a hard packs, your teeth can be severely injured. In this way, people often injure lips, gums or even crack the tooth. Injured gum usually heals by itself, but cracked tooth needs more time to sort out. In this case, patients often need to restore the tooth with filling materials or prosthesis. When fracture reaches the tooth pulp, it takes even canal treatment. If the tooth breaks down under the gums and can not be restored, the tooth has to remove.

Cheek biting can result in mucosal cancer. Patients often have bitten cheeks. This action is most likely to occur as a reaction to stress. However biting cheeks injure the upper layer of the mucosal. Repeatedly damaging it, there are formed aphthous ulcers. If it is going for long time, as a habit, damaged mucosa can turn into cancer. So, control yourself and try to get rid of this bad habit.

Enjoying coffee and ice cream mix, teeth become very sensitive. No matter how delicious it would not sound, cold ice cream should not be immediately taken with hot coffee or tea. Tooth enamel from the heat slightly expands and shrinks from the cold, so in the event of extreme temperature differences, it can lead to enamel micro-cracks. Due to these cracks, the teeth become very sensitive. Thus, in order to prevent tooth sensitivity, it should avoid such food combination.

To clean teeth with one toothbrush – unhygienic. There are rule in some homes, especially in poor homes, when the whole family enjoys one toothbrush, but dentists advise to avoid this bad habit. Use one tooth brush – unhygienic. People leave very much bacteria and viruses on brush. Therefore, in order to protect your family and protect youself, each person should use a separate toothbrush.

Hard toothbrush traumatic gums. Fifth alarming problem – bad toothbrush. Brushing tooth with too hard or worn toothbrush, people are often avoiding to clean the gums, as hard brush traumatic them. For that reason, it is not cleaned up all plaque. Constantly traumatic gums begin to shrink and then is coming up roots. Therefore, dentists advise to keep in mind that the best to clean tooth with a soft toothbrush.