How to relieve from chest pain

How to relieve from chest pain
You suffer from annular stabbing chest pain, intensified after exertion, with difficult breathing. In addition, you feel a pressure on the sternum and tension in the shoulder and neck area. Next enter vertigo attacks with schwa is singe, cold hands and feet. After all, you are already awakened to nocturnal palpitations. These complaints apparently began about four weeks after the flu, since you still feel somewhat reduced and have not yet reached the usual physical fitness.

I do not think you have to fear. For distance I can but make no diagnosis. Probably several factors play a role, but especially the flu and the psychological burden. A proper flu can still cast their shadows for months and affect one, also intermittently. You may have also spared too little and have again begun too early Sport. Therefore, I recommend you here rather slightly withhold (not entirely stop) until you feel well again. Treat yourself to time out, try to relax. It is also important that you drink enough, eat balanced and sleeping enough
You may also still suffer from panic attacks. These can also cause a feeling of pressure in the chest, accompanied by shortness of breath, but especially with cold hands and feet, sweating and palpitations. In this case, psychotherapy sessions would be useful, possibly connected to a drug therapy (usually in the form of an antidepressant).

The causes of chest pain are manifold and need to be clarified gradually in individual cases, the age of the person concerned, Vorkrankheiten or concomitant diseases, the exact description of the symptoms, and finally any familial factors play an essential role in the investigation process. Not any clarification also makes sense. Important are a careful questioning about the complaints and to various bodily functions and also a physical reason investigation. It is all about to exclude potentially dangerous diseases and then to confirm the suspected diagnosis. In addition to cardiovascular disease, including pulmonary embolism, come diseases or changes in other organs in the chest area, but also on the chest itself and in the back area in question. Finally rays often also pain from the abdomen into the chest or where they lead to complaints.

An inspection at the doctor with blood test revealed when you no evidence of inflammatory disease. I think your doctor should decide together with you, how far further investigations are sensible. Stay the complaints are made or you are too limited, but you are looking for him again and discuss how to proceed with it.